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Don't make promises to anyone at this time that you cannot keep, no matter how sincere your intentions are. It will be easy to overextend your abilities during this transit and domestic projects undertaken now will be more costly than you realized and can have you scrambling for money to do the job. Prices quoted for work done on the home can increase SIGNIFICANTLY, so it would be better let it go until another time.

If you are comfortable at this time and have some extra money to do projects, PLEASE let them go, as projects spur other problems, only costing you more money and leaving you short having to scrape up money. As an example, the author of this material wanted to put stone down in his driveway as a beautification project. All went very well until the dump truck delivering the stone fell through the septic tank, costing an extra $800. which was not in the budget for a $200. job. Get the point?

Other people can become very dependent on you now which can be a real burden unless that happens to be your particular field of work to begin with. Business matters are not your forte because your expectations are very unrealistic and will NOT be met. Overeating and putting on weight are real dangers if you are trying to diet, but on the other hand, since Jupiter rules expansion and the Moon rules the stomach, you may not feel like eating to begin with. You will be more conscious of security matters for the home and taking care of others will become more important.

There may be some problems with the digestive tract and you might notice that your dreams are a lot more vivid than normal, while making no sense at all.

You may notice an inability to think or act clearly because of great emotional responses to your environment and you may also meet someone who may be very sensitive themselves, thereby creating a greater need to be nice! There can also be some slight problems with your vision.

Business and financial efforts should not be forced in any way as losses can result. Postpone new ventures, travel, educational endeavors, legal matters and negotiations for another time. New friendships will be difficult to form and social encounters will be disappointing.

Be careful of too much partying, drinking, extravagance, prejudices and dealings with people as they will not turn out well. Do not change your residence at this time, as it will be a cause for regret later.

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